Recipe: Animalstyle Loaded Fries

We do not have animalstyle fries here in Norway, and it is such a shame! Loaded fries are kind of starting to show on our market, but it is definitly not the same! So I found myself a recipe for animalstyle sauce on Youtube, and I am LOVING IT! It supposed to taste just as good as In-And-Out’s signature sauce. This is now our new favorite weekend junkfood meal, and it’s homemade! The recipe is quite simple, most of the ingredients you most likely already have at home.

❤️ 1 pack of fries
❤️ Spring onions
❤️ 1 big yellow onion (+ some sugar coating)
❤️ 1 pack of bacon   ❤️ 300 gr of beef
❤️ Melted cheddar cheese

❤️ 1 part ketchup
❤️ 1 part mayonnese
❤️ 2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish
❤️ 2 tablespoons of sugar
❤️ 2 tablespoons of winegar



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Macaroni Salad

My mom always makes the best macaroni salads so I wanted to make one for myself. It’s so tasty together with red meat and perfect for the BBQ season! I enjoy eating it cold, which makes it such a simple sidedish. The fun thing about a macaroni salad is that it’s quite easy to change up for varieties. Here comes the recipe!

❤️ Sour Cream    ❤️ Mayonnaise    ❤️ BBQ sauce    ❤️ Spring Onion    ❤️ Sweet Corn    ❤️ Bell Pepper    ❤️ Macaroni    ❤️ Garlic powder, Salt & Pepper

Here is a video on how I made the macaroni salad:


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When life gets tough get creative

I honestly thought I would suffer more mentally than I have during this Corona crisis – being at home not seeing friends and family. But in all honestly I’ve actually been really good at keeping myself busy with content creation, the apartment, Youtube, gaming and drawing.  So when the Corona lock down started, I actually invested in some super expensive color pencils and equipment! But it has been loads of fun to work with!