A bloggers Life

I have for a long time been thinking about starting a blog.

I used to blog many years ago and I did it surprisingly well. But back then it was under the blogname “Superpiiiiiiiiink”, so I guess it’s better to go by my new, online name Lana Meadows maybe? xD The previous blog contained loads of selfies, shopping haul & latest dinner pictures.

This time I will focus more on my branding but more from a personal point of view. Sometimes there are many things to be said about whats happening in the world of both gaming and content creation in general. I look forward to be able to write more in depth blogs about my thoughts about social media topics and also my personal life.

Now i have an excuse to use my camera more often too, and not only for food pictures 😉

I look forward to sharing with you guys!

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A bloggers Life
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