Christmas is almost here! 

Wow, time goes fast! I don’t really own any christmas decorations, BUT my dad bought me this cute little christmas gnome that I got last year – I really love the design of it! But when christmas time was over last year, we never really bothered to take it back to storage… So this gnome has been a part of our family through out the whole year, so I guess he can stay for 1 more month! xD

So recently we hired a cleaning lady! OMG I love it! It’s so relaxing not having to think about dusting, extra cleaning and scrubbing the toilet. So once a month now as she cleans the apartment, my boyfriend and I go out for a romantic dinner together. Quality time! It really does wonders, being out without technology and just focusing on each other. Talking about things that are on our minds with work, hobbies and more. I always have this go to restaurant when we go out and I always enjoy eating Philly Steak! SO YUMMY!

Lately I’ve had more time to think about what I want to do with my personal time and hobbies. It started out with livestreaming on Twitch with gaming content, but over the time I have come to realized that this is not my biggest passion. I do love creating new friendships through the platform and find online friends to play with, but this is not a hobby I want to invest alot of time and effort in to grow. So I have been pondering about “Well what is my passion?” And the most straight forward thing I could think of was; FOOD! xD

So there are many ways to use food as a hobby, but lately I’ve been kinda hooked on this Youtube trend called Mukbang – which is a Eating Broadcast. This consists of Youtubers who film themselves while eating and talking to their viewers about their everyday life. Sometimes it’s takeaway, other times they cook in front of the camera. And I’m really digging that concept! That’s why I have been thinking about spending more time on Youtube ahead instead of Twitch. That doesn’t mean I will quit gamestreams entirely, but it will be less often. My plan is to create 1-2 recorded Mukbangs for Youtube each week. And I wanna try to upload consistently, just to see how far it can get me. Cause I think growth on Youtube is all about always adding new content, even if you still are kinda new to the game of what to bring to the table.

Lately I’ve updated some more on my stream/recording setup, including Mukbang equipment and lighting! My boyfriend doesn’t really see the charm of Mukbangs, but I love how supportive he is of my hobby regardless. We have very similar goals to how we see ourselves spending our spare time together but also seperatly. The fun thing about doing Mukbangs is all the great food I can eat, and also I’m getting better at fixing my hair and makeup, which always really cheers me up. It’s nice to have reasons to dress up again, without it including going out to a party. I’ve been experiencing with false lashes lately, and I think i finally found something that works for me. I will post a blog about it later, cause I already made a Youtube review of it!

So yeah, that’s my life these days. Work in weekdays and Mukbangs in the weekend! At the end of December I’m gonna have a 2 week vacation and I am looking sooo forward to it, I CAN’T WAIT! I haven’t really had a proper vacation this year as I changed jobs over the summer. I am not traveling this Christmas, but for the upcoming year I really need to travel somewhere dope with my boyfriend!

So that’s my little update for now, more when we are closer to Christmas time! 


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