Hello everyone! I’m finally back at work and everyday life is back in order. Is it a very noticeable sign that I’m getting older, as I’m getting more and more opposed to changes and non-routine stuff? :p I just love knowing I don’t have any major meetings at work one week, no special plans for the weekend – just loads of spare time to do WHAT EVER I want! (usually eat and play games, hehe.. )

Last week I was out having dinner with a girlfriend and watched a stand up comedy show which was really nice, celebrating her birthday! I really need to get out more, and it was lovely to laugh so much. I actually bought tickets for another show for me and my boyfriend, and when the Easter week vacation comes my cousin is visiting and we will head out on the town for some drinks! I am really looking forward to that. Sometimes I use too much time on my computer recording, editing and playing games.

My energy how ever have been kinda low this last week and I hate how strickt I am with myself when that happens. I sometimes struggle with anxiety and its not really an everyday problem, but just really annoying. And the anxiety usually gets triggered when I have a plan in my head of what I am SUPPOSED to do, but don’t have the energy to complete. And the sad part about that is that the agenda I have planned out usually isn’t something that I HAVE to do for the day to go around. Usually it’s like smaller things, like doing Twitch/Youtube content, cleaning out extra stuff in the apartment (drawers etc), going to IKEA to buy a food bowl, going to the postoffice to pick up a package etc. I just dont understand why I am so harsh with myself, griefing over the small things when I should just be relaxing!

But it is worth mentioning that anxiety attacks usually come from overthinking situations, and that is not always easy to control. There are even times i get anxiety without not really knowing the reason. Fortunatly my anxiety attacks are getting more and more rare, so it’s not really a big worry. But I have heard that once you suffer from it, it doesn’t always go 100% away, it’s just something one has to get used to.

Peace out, I hope you had a good weekend!

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