Is this a flu epidemic or a Zombie apocalypse? Honestly, it feels more like the last one. 

Streets are empty, stores are empty or closed – even on Saturday nights. It’s a sad thing to see, but at the same time a good thing cause that means people are respecting the communities new regulations and restrictions. I’m not the most social person in the world, something that has changed over the years as I used to be highly active when it comes to socializing. So I never thought that this temporary quarantine was gonna affect me that  much. I go to work, do some errands after work, go home make dinner, clean the apartment a bit and then tend to my hobbies. And my hobbies are mostly Netflix, social media, gaming or youtube/twitch content creation. So my hobbies can mostly be entertained from the couch or my gaming chair.

But as the weeks have gone by, I can slowly feel how my sanity is draining. Not being able to see my friends, my parents or even really browse in stores and chat with shop personnel. It’s so strange! I’m at a point where I go to the store and suppress a cough because I’m scared I will be kicked out of the store, haha! So my days are now spent even more on the couch with wine and premade salads. I cook a lot of food, I catch up on all my television series and I’m gaming till I am dead tired of it. Normally when I start feeling tired and lonely like this, I call a friend and we meet up for a lunch, glass of wine or a good cup of coffee. But not today. Or next week. Or even next month?? That’s the most draining part about this whole thing, we have no idea when the quarantine will end! I never thought in my lifetime I would ever experience such expreme precautions due to a flu epidemic like the Corona virus. Feels surreal.

So I do what I can best these days, I focus on my Youtube content creation hobby. I can’t remember last I actually made so much food as a do these days from scratch. I am very lucky to get the groceries and recipe for dinners delivered at my door, which makes things alot easier these days. But I was very unlucky to ruin 2 of my recordings, one after the other due to audio malfunctions. And suffering from quarantine blues like I do these days I actually started crying from pure frustration, ouuff! My head was screaming “if i cant even to this right, then what the hell do I have left??” Stupid way of thinking, but my mind can go to dark places when I’m all out of happiness hormones. I’ve just been sick a lot lately after my surgery, one illness after the other. Then I finally start to feel better and we are all isolating ourselves due to current situations of the flu. The stupid thing about this is that THINGS COULD BE SO MUCH WORSE. So I feel bad even complaining about it! But my reality is my reality, and I’m just at a point where I feel like venting.


The good thing about all this is that I have had loads of time to network around my youtube community, plan out my videos and improvents I can do. And i finally reach my first 100 subscribers on youtube! 10% of my current goal of getting monotized is reached, and that is a nice surprise in all this! More about this topic in an upcoming blog post. I hope you all are being safe, and doing at least OK in all of this. Things could definitely be worse, no doubt! My boyfriend got laid of temporarily in all this, we are hoping things will turn for the better within a month, but who knows? Fortunately my job is safe in all this, so I think we will be alright.

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