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Beauty Review: Eyelash Perm

I have tried a lot of stuff when it comes to having great lashes. Eyelash extensions, normal curling, serum, different mascaras etc. and nothing really sticked. The best try I got was eyelash extensions, but it was very dependant on the artist applying the lashes. Sometimes it didn’t last long, other times it looked like I was going to a rave party. As I’ve gotten older, the need for big ass lashes have decreased – but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to show at all. Nice lashes are very feminine in my opinion and I feel very fresh with nice lashes when I do content creation.

So the last thing I wanted to try now was Eyelash Perm. This is a treatment where a solution is added to the lashes, and then they are curled perfectly on to a form for that nice shape. This solution also treats the lashes like a balm or “botox”, so that they get longer, stronger and fuller – specially over time. The treatment was done within 40 min and it did not hurt at all. It was very relaxing and I actually fell asleep during the treatment. All and all I was very happy with the result. Not too much, not too little. The treatment lasts for up to 6 weeks (when the lashes fall out and new ones replace them) and the lashes will look more beautiful for each treatment over time. I did a medium curl, which means one can get even more dramatic curl than I had this time. To me, this was plenty enough.

– Cheap treatment vs other similar treatments
– Quicker treatment vs other similar treatments
– Healthy for the lashes
– Will make the lashes prettier over time

– If your lashes are long enough, they can poke your skin above the eye (you get used to this over time though)
– It’s a bit more difficult adding mascara and eyeliner to the lashes as they now are pointing straight up, takes a little bit more work to apply.

Will I do it again?

Location: Vippen Velvære, Forus – NORWAY.

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