Food Review: The Kardashian Salad

The Kardiashians are my guilty pleasure which means I have seen them stuff their faces with rich salads over and over again. They love their salads so much that they even have a regular place they buy from called The Health Nut – where they buy two different main salads: The Chef’s Salad & The Chinese Salad. I think there is a bit more to the Chef’s Salad, so I decided to go for that one. This is the favorite salad of Kim Kardashian.

– Shredded Chicken
– Tomato
– Cuccumber
– Shredded Mozerella Cheese
– Avocado
– Sprout Seeds (Alfalfa)
– Crispy Salad
– Italian Dressing

It’s super easy to make. Just chop it up and lay it in a bowl in a nice layering so that it looks tasty and delicious. Then pour some Italian Dressing over to your liking. I made a really big bowl of salad and I counted the total calorie of the meal: 490 kcal and I was not able to finish the whole thing. What I loved about this salad was how light it was but still full of flavor. I felt like I could eat and eat without getting fat xD So the salad was very fulfilling  even though it had such light ingredients. The dressing really took the salad to another level and I love how this is a salad that doesn’t have a dairy based dressing. This is a salad I will make over and over again in the weekends for a nice crunchy lunch.

– Low in calorie
– Flavourful
– Light to eat
– Easy to make



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I tried out a new mexican restaurant in Stavanger City called Armadillo. Previously this place located a restaurant called Harry Pepper, they moved to another building and created this daughter-restaurant in it’s place. I am not 100% sure what seperates these to restaurants, I guess Harry Pepper has a bigger and more variety menu, where as Armadillo mainly focus on tacos, nacho and vegan options.

armadillo stavanger lighting armadillo stavanger tacos

The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere as there are alot of lighting in different colors. This goes well as a theme with the colored streets that are just outside, which is kind of a “landmark” for Stavanger city. The restaurant focuses mainly on tacos with very exciting ingredients which can either be a hit or a miss. I ordered 3 different tacos and also chips with dips (aioli, guacamole, cheddar). I also ordered an alcoholfree lemonade as I was the designated driver.

armadillo stavanger shrimp taco armadillo stavanger fried calamari taco

The food was good, but I did notice that some tacos were AMAZING and others were more “Meh”. I think this will be different for each person as to how complex they prefer their taco, but my friends and I were kinda in sync about which ones really stood out. I can highly recommend the shrimp Chorizo taco, so much flavour! The combo of the sausage and scampi was perfection. Second came the fried calamari which had a nice touch of pickled red onions, and last the crab. The crab really reminded me of plain crabsticks… I added some lemon and aioli to it, and then it was OK. My friends tried a taco that was vegetarian with goat cheese, mushroom, pinenuts and salsa cruda, and they said that was also pretty darn amazing! The lemonade was to die for btw, it was perfect combo of sweet vs sour.

armadillo stavanger crab taco armadillo stavanger lemonade drink

Will I eat here again? 
MAYBE. It’s all about finding the right tacos FOR YOU. 

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